James R. Potter graduated from University of Minnesota in
1969 with a Bachelor of Science in Business - Accounting
Major.  He has worked for over forty-five years in the
accounting field, with the last twenty-four years working here
in Clear Lake, IA.

James became a Certified Public Accountant on September
23, 1971.  He was a partner with Bertram Cooper & Co,
CPAs in Clear Lake, until 2002 when he began operating a
sole proprietorship.  In 2005, James and Kristi became
partners, creating Potter & Brant, P.L.C.

James is a member of the AICPA and the ISCPA.  He is an
active member of the Clear Lake Noon Lions.

To reach James please call 641-357-5291 or e-mail him at
ABC-123 Accounting Services
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James R. Potter, C.P.A.
Potter & Brant, P.L.C.
James R. Potter, CPA
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